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Gourmet Cookies, Biscuits and
Artisan Shortbread


The Height of Baking Technique and Ingredients


Private Selection cookies are the epitome of everyday indulgence. In everything from traditional, classic varieties like Petit Beurre Biscuits and Raspberry Shortbread to fancier Belgian Ganache Praline cookies, our expert pastry chefs gently mix and bake our ingredients to create delicious, sweet luxuries.


Our shortbread recipe represents the pinnacle of baking technique and expertise and starts with the highest-quality butter and pure vanilla extract. The pleasing, delicate texture of these cookies depends on quality butter and confectioner’s sugar, the smaller grains of which melt more easily in the dough, resulting in a finer, smoother texture. 

To this centuries-old technique, we’ve added modern twists like natural cappuccino and praline flavors. We create these delicious treats with both traditional and adventurous palettes in mind.


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