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Artisan Breads


A Delicious Accompaniment to Any Meal



Private Selection™ takes bread very seriously — from crust to core — so only the finest ingredients are used. Carefully selected flours, specialized varieties of yeast, centuries-old leavening techniques and precise oven calibration ensure that Private Selection Artisan Breads develop unique and subtle flavor complexity. The multiple textures of an artisanal loaf — a crisp crust and light, soft and airy interiors — are a result of allowing dough to rise or proof slowly in small batches, developing the deep flavors and textures of our baguettes, ciabatta and sourdough loaves, to name a few.

A smooth, uniform heat surrounding a baking loaf ensures even cooking in our traditional ovens, producing uniform development of a chewy crust and tender interior. Infusing our fresh dough with the earthy, savory flavors of rosemary or garlic adds depth and additional dimensions of flavor to our breads.


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