Spiral Sliced Ham


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Enjoy Private Selection Spiral Sliced Ham in either Naturally Smoked or Honey Smoked both have a hearty and rustic flavor.


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Spiral Sliced Ham

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Spiral Sliced Ham

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This was the worst ham we've had. Absolutely no flavor at all. It even looks bad. Very pale. It left a very pale liquid in the pan. I expect the juices, but not like watery mess this one did. It was uneditable. Will be looking for a full refund from my store.


I specifically look for a lighter-colored ham when I plan to purchase one. I consider the darker red to be too salty.

Portland, Oregon

I am trying my Private selection spiral ham for the first time this Easter Sunday.

Tucson, Arizona

same here.

Tucson, Arizona

I am so damn upset at the inconsideration of this company. I bought a hame that wasnt cheap and the glaze came with no directions. I know its something simple but its the least to ask. I will definitly never buy this brand again!

Tipp City, Ohio

Fixed this ham (bone-in) spiral sliced version for Easter and it was great! There were instructions on both the ham and the glaze. My family raved about it!

Perry, Georgia

We had this ham for Easter. Cooking instructions were under the label. I cooked it in the Nu Wave on the counter. this was one f the best hams we have ever had, better than the Honey$$$$$ they wanted almost a hundred bucks for. Thanks Kroger this is a great ham. Still enjoying frozen leftover snacks!!


Been reading the previous reviews and wonder on some where they learned to cook. No flavor?? Pale? Instructions for the glaze? Just figure it out.Glaze... add pineapple juice to it or coconut/pineapple juice to it and mix. For the ham I covered it with foil and first hr at 350 degrees 2nd hr 250 degrees-2nd hr add glaze to ham. Remove foil from ham and bingo... you have a precooked ham.EAT!


No directions for the glaze which is in a crystallized form??? What am I supposed to do with that???


Bought a ham and there were no instructions for the glaze. I contacted the 1-800 number under Private Selection site and they were shocked that the instructions were not included but said they would pass on information. The ham cooked up nicely and I did use the glaze after I got the instructions


Empty package into small pan

Add 1tbsp warm water

Heat glaze on high, stirring constantly, until it boils

Remove immediately from heat,

Brush evenly over ham.

Heat 270 degrees for 25 minutes then remove from oven and serve


Haven't cooked yet, so will return to leave a review on taste tomorrow...but as others have mentioned...no instructions on the glaze. Come on. That seems like it should be a given that it is included...


Came to this site looking for instructions on how to prepare the glaze. Thank you Terri for posting them, I wouldn't have thought to prepare it that way. I just put my ham in the oven and honestly all you have to do is warm it up. I tasted a piece before putting it in the oven and it tastes great already! We got the hickory smoked spiral sliced ham.


The Provate Selection hams are the only hams we will buy. It is disappointing that the instructions do not include how to prepare the glaze or when to apply it. The ham has never been other than perfection.


Packaging FAIL! the directions for pre pairing the ham are on the back of the label ;I'd already thrown the packaging in the trash) and the glaze instructions were non-existent. It's a good thing that the ham was tasty!


I always get this ham and have the Chef in the deli bake it to take to my customers throughout the year. After taking them Honey ----- Hams for a couple of years, I got irritated because Honey ----- didn't have my order ready on time. All my customers rave about the hams and ask where I got it. They were shocked to hear Kroger.

I just a Private Selection ham out of the refrigerator and opened the packaging. The ham I bought must be an exception because it has directions on the glaze packet and on the back of the label.

For the benefit of those customers who receive the hams which do not provide cooking directions, I will post the directions for cooking the ham as follows:

Conventional oven method - Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Remove the ham from its bag and place it in a pan. Cover the ham securely with foil and heat in oven for 8 to 10 minutes per pound. I hope your ham is marked with its weight (sarcasm)

Glaze - Follow heating instructions for ham. Prepare glaze 15 minutes prior to the end of cooking. To prepare glaze

1. stir into 2 tbsp of water in a small saucepan

2. bring to a boil over high heat while stirring constantly

To glaze ham - 1. Remove ham from oven approximately 30 minutes before end of recommended cooking time.

2. Apply glaze evenly over surface of warm ham

3. Bake glazed ham uncovered 25 - 30 minutes. Remove glazed ham from oven and serve.



Our family really enjoyed the ham. For those of you who couldn't find the instructions, you just had to look a little harder. It was located inside the label as well as on the glaze packet.


Am so happy to see the variety of reviews. Oddly enough, mine did not have the glaze instructions but saw that others were kind enough to post the directions they did find and also an idea or two. Am making for church so will see what the final verdict is. Maybe there was a tiny glitch with the printing for some things but seriously not a huge deal. With internet, ideas and directions can be found all over the place.. Hope it turns out yummy.


No cooking instructions with my ham, I can google recipes but still a bit inconvenient.

The cat keeps trying to steal it so he gives it a thumbs up :)


Fed it to the dogs. It was really awful. Texture made me gag. What a waste.


Don't waste your money. It was the worst excuse for ham I've ever had.


Zero stars here


I've purchased hams multiple times from all the major players; Smithfield, Honeybaked, Heavenly, Burger's etc. Private Selection as a brand was designed to give us the duplication of a top priced, top quality product at an affordable price and with this they come through. We all at one time or another have cooked a bad meal or ruined it completely - who do we complain to then? For the price and availability this ham is exceptional.


My ham was great maybe I just got lucky I will find out because I am going to buy another this week, people talk about how to cook it, the ham is precooked I just ate it as is it was great.


Instructions on back of label (and glaze packet)...Small print, but it was there. Followed as directed and the result was excellent. We got an 8+ pound ham on sale for about $18. We will do this again.


Idiots, when you take the Web bag off, peel the LARGE private selection label off of the plastic ham wrap. Everything you need to know is printed on the reverse side. Ham prep and glazing information. Duh.


By the way, awesome ham!


While Jeff's instructions are mostly helpful. If you prepare the glaze 15 min before the end of cooking you won't be able to glaze the ham and cook it for 30 min. I'll bet he meant 45 min before the end of cooking....Cheers. I am making mine today for a late Christmas gathering. Happy Holidays to all.


Directions are on the inside of the package Plastic Wrap,Looks and smells great, Its pre cooked. Directions call for heating at 275 for 15-18 minutes a pound. Heat with Ham face down, glaze ham last 15-30 minutes of cooking.Glaze doesn't take long to prepare in a saucepan stirring in a little warm water( As directed) Its not rocket science.


I have been buying the hickory-flavored Private Selection spiral-cut ham a minimum of twice a year for a number of years. I was in a hurry and trying to save a little money about 7 years ago, and I purchased a different one from another retailer in the Denver area. I previously have NEVER been so disappointed. Trust me, I will NOT make that mistake again! I have no idea what expertise some of these reviewers possess, but if they didn't serve a gourmet ham as a result of their King Soopers purchase, I can only assume that they did something horribly wrong in their preparation.


We purchased one about 4 days before Christmas and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. Quite a value for the price paid.


Yummy ham! Nice thin slices. I made my glaze with pineapple juice....


The spiral sliced glazed bone-in ham was purchased as part of a boxed dinner deal. My only complaint was that it was infused with way too much water, over 1 quart when we sliced and de-boned the ham. Very expensive water in my opinion.