Sumatran Mandheling Ground Coffee

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Private Selection Sumatran Mandheling Ground Coffee is made from premium all -Arabica blend of hand selected Lintong Nihuta Sumatra coffee beans, cupped and chosen by Private Selection coffee experts for consistently excellent flavors.  Sumatran Mandheling is a medium-dark roasted in small batches and bagged immediately after roasting and grinding, preserving the dark and complex flavor in every cup.  

Sumatran Mandheling Ground Coffee

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Sumatran Mandheling Ground Coffee

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Best coffee bean I have found at $6.99! Very complex and just the right amount of roast.


I have already done a mini-post about this coffee, but the more I drink, the more I am impressed. Over the years, I have purchased much more rare and expensive coffee than this, and I have to say that this is the absolute best coffee I have ever had. The flavor is spot on for a medium-dark roast, with a slight bitterness at the end but a smooth complexity, without any of the fruity notes that tend to get in the way of real coffee flavor. Many times, with other coffees, I find that a little cream or creamer, flavored or non flavored, and sweetener must be added to balance or accentuate the taste. This is not so with this coffee. The aroma of this coffee reminds me of early mornings at my grandmother's house, when the coffee just started brewing. It is difficult to drink just one cup; I want more.

With many other coffees, I grow weary of the taste and therefore look to change varieties often. This is not so with the Sumatran Mandheling. I think it is a keeper!

I brew this coffee with 2T of beans, coarsely ground, per 10oz cup in a French press, adding near boiling water and steeping for four minutes. I have not yet tried either expressing, percolating, or drip methods.