Shortbread Tartlet Shells


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Private Selection™ Shortbread Tartlet Shells are crafted by French artisans to be perfectly buttery and crisp with a scalloped edge for beautiful presentation.


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Shortbread Tartlet Shells

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Shortbread Tartlet Shells

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These cute little shortbread tart shells are delicious! Alone or with a variety of fillings, they are the perfect 2 bites of appetizer or finger food. I like to fill them with custard and berries for a quick crowd pleaser. Enjoy!


These Tartlet Shells were excellent, but were much smaller than then I expected. They are only one or two bites. I would love to see larger shells made available.


These are FANTASTIC!! The most perfect size for appetizers!! They taste awesome!! I wish we could get them in Iowa where I live!! Can't say enough good things about them!!! Fantastic!!