Amber Honey Apple Spice Upside Down Cake

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This homestyle cake will look irresistibly delicious on your favorite cake platter.  Be prepared to catch all of the sweet, sticky toppings with a cake server or spatula.

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Serve our Private Selection Amber Honey Apple Spice Upside Down Cake warm from the oven, for a treat that tastes even better than it smells. This buttery cake with cinnamon and spices is topped with real apple slices drenched in a sweet amber honey glaze.

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Amber Honey Apple Spice Upside Down Cake

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Amber Honey Apple Spice Upside Down Cake

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This cake is absolutely amazing...well worth 9 something a cake. When I was pregnant my husband was sent to the store with the task of getting something sweet but he was worried about what to get he didn't want to come home and say it was the wrong thing. So he got this cake and several other sweet things I could have eaten this whole cake in one sitting very good warmed up with some ice cream on top. was very sad when we've heard Dillons in Salina Kansas was not carrying anymore but guess what my husband found for pregnancy number 3 oh yeah Amber honey apple upside-down spice cake..we moved to Columbia and guess they have it here.