Spiral Sliced Ham


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Enjoy Private Selection Spiral Sliced Ham in either Naturally Smoked or Honey Smoked both have a hearty and rustic flavor.


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Spiral Sliced Ham

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Spiral Sliced Ham

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This was the worst ham we've had. Absolutely no flavor at all. It even looks bad. Very pale. It left a very pale liquid in the pan. I expect the juices, but not like watery mess this one did. It was uneditable. Will be looking for a full refund from my store.

Charleston, West Virginia

This was the first time we had this ham. It was absolutely the WORST ham we have ever fixed. It had no flavor at all and was mostly fat. We will never buy this ham again. The bad part was the price we paid for it. I could have purchased a lesser priced one that would have probably tasted much better.