Signature Blend Coffee Pods


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Our Private Selection Single Serve Coffee Pods have a unique mesh weave that delivers an irresistible fresh-brewed aroma, so you can enjoy the fragrance as your perfect cup of coffee brews. This medium blend is hand-selected and roasted in batches to create a smooth, complex and aromatic coffee.

Signature Blend Coffee Pods

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100% Arabica coffee

Signature Blend Coffee Pods

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This product is great! I have tried several different types of pods and they have all been disappointing, not tasting good. This is the first pod I have thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you!!

Washington, District of Columbia

first time purchasing. It was less expensive than k-cup. Wow, good columbian coffee. Wakes you up!

Columbia, Tennessee

I fell in love with the Private Selection Signature blend about a year ago. After trying several brands, the flavor of the pods are the perfect roast coffee blend, and they brew a perfect cup every time. I have come across a problem though. I went to buy more "pods" at my local Kroger yesterday, and now the only thing I found was Signature Blend in the "K cup" packaging. I was hesitant to buy them and searched for the pods, but found none, so I purchased the plastic K-cup Signature Blend. I proceeded to try the new K-cup variety this morning and the flavor of the coffee is not at all the same as it was when it was packaged in the pods. (I made 4 cups trying to see if it would improve). It has a more bitterness, and just does not have that great smooth taste I am addicted to. PLEASE GO BACK TO PACKAGING THE PRIVATE SIGNATURE BRAND IN THE PODS! I don't know why, but the plastic seems to change the flavor of the coffee and now it honestly isn't worth drinking. I hate to change my coffee brand again, but it looks like I may have to. And as a side note, the pods actually fit better into a coffee canister also. I miss my awesome coffee!

Surprise, Arizona

loved your product in the pods, why the change? if you have any available to purchase in the pods please let me know where i can get them. I will not buy the cups of any brand. I don't like the waste. your coffee was my new favorite.

Atlanta, Georgia

I agree with Dana 100%. The pods are so much fresher than the k-cup variety. Please, please, please change the packaging back.

Roanoke, Virginia

PLEASE bring back the mesh pods!!!

Charleston, West Virginia

I love all products of private selection but you have changed from pods to k-cups and there is only hal the coffe in the pods and the other half is air... I use to love this coffe when you packaged the product in the pods. Less waste but the coffee was stronger. Now I have bought an 18 box and I can barely put any water with them and have to use a half cup just to get flavor. Please put the coffe back the way it was. I will not buy this coffee again and it was my favorite...

Douglass, Texas

I love this coffee & I haven't been able to find the mesh coffee pods. By reading some if the reviews, your changing them?? Please don't!!! Why ruin a good thing??

Atlanta, Georgia

I can't find the soft bottom single wrapped in my Kroger anymore. I use these in my Vue with by popping off the top of the Vue solofil filter.

Westfield, Indiana

I fell in love with this coffee and the pods with the mesh bottom. I was very upset to find that I can't buy it any more. They have replaced it with the plastic K cup. The coffee Dose Not taste the same. Where can I find these pods???

Westfield, Indiana

Why have they changed? I would love the have the pods with the bottom mesh, please bring them back!!

Columbia, South Carolina

The mesh pod is in the K-cup! The open pods may allow you to enjoy the pleasant aroma of the grounds each time you open the paper bag, but the plastic cups seal in all the flavor of each individual cup until it is is actually brewed and save you the trouble of having to open and reseal the bag-container each time you brew a cup of coffee. The K-cups are a welcome improvement.


This is one of the best coffee blends I've tasted. I love that it comes in K-cups. Never change this!!!