Guatemalan Single Serve Coffee Pods

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Private Selection Guatemalan coffee is a bold all -Arabica blend of regional high altitude beans, chosen for their distinct flavors by private selection coffee experts.  Our Guatemalan coffee is dark roasted in small batches and then packaged in convenient single serve pods, so that every cup brews up rich, aromatic and full flavored.


Guatemalan Single Serve Coffee Pods

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Guatemalan Single Serve Coffee Pods

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Madison, Alabama

This was my favorite go to coffee for an alternative to the K-cup. It was BETTER as a mesh pod only. You have completely ruined your product by making it in the K-cup plastic cup format. It was better in the mesh pod. Please go back to that formula. Forget the one size fits all shelving that Kroger now has in its store in the coffee section. Please bring back the bags of mesh pods as soon as you can. You had 2 loyal customers for life with this product.

Spring, Texas

Jessica is absolutely correct! The mesh pods were better and allowed a more flavorful brew. I'm sure the pods will fit in the same K-cup type boxes for shelving consistency - and would be cheaper.

The Guatemalan whole beans would be a great addition too!

Columbia, South Carolina

The mesh pod is in the K-cup! (The open pods allow you to enjoy the pleasant aroma of the grounds each time you open the paper bag, but the plastic cups seal in all the flavor of each individual cup until it is is actually brewed.) Either way, among individual-cup coffee products, this Guatemalan is the best buy on the market. I only wish the K-cups were available in bulk quantities.


Guatemalan the best coffee. I got a kureg and tis is the coffee i adore after trying folgers and other ones. I cant say enough about this coffee. I cannot find it in bag form so i cna freshly grind it for my re useable Kcups that would be awsome.


I purposely sought out a way to offer an opinion on the Guatemalan because I think this is one of the best K-cup coffees I have ever had and the price is better than anything else on the shelf....It is dark, rich and so smooth and the aroma is incredible. I am introducing friends to this and they all agree with me, it is the best out of all I have tried and believe me, I tried many. If you do not like a dark roast this may not be the one for you, but this is so good, it may change your mind !!!!


the small Kroger near me does not carry this one so I drive 10 miles or so to get it. It is a strong coffee which we love and is a lot stronger than all the rest we have tried.


Is full flavor this one is better flavor than Colombian selection , also is hard and strong I like it!


Awesome coffee!